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Hardly anyone fills this statement with life as much as TRONG.
Born in Bavaria as the son of Vietnamese immigrants, the family spent several years with uncertain residence status in a home for asylum seekers – it was only thanks to the strong civil commitment of many thousands of citizens that the family was prevented from being deported in 2000. So since early childhood, Trong has always been “different” – in Germany he is seen as Asian – while in Vietnam, where he has been a big star since winning Vietnam Idol in 2015, he is considered the “German Hot Boy”
He brings unisex fashion to Vietnamese TV stages, he is the first Vietnamese artist on the Billboard Awards red carpet – and keeps tearing down social norms and Toxic masculinity, rigid role models, prejudices and discrimination based on sexuality or origin – he sings and dances against all these outdated structures – he dares to be different and thus encourage many others. Just as Britney Spears once encouraged
him in a TV show: “Your talent is really extraordinary; you have to pursue your dreams, because they can come true.”
And so he sets out to make the next dream come true – after 5 unsuccessful applications for the German ESC preliminary round, Trong is finally going to compete
with his song “Dare To Be Different”.

Going to Liverpool for Germany for the ESC would not only be a personal dream – it would also be a gesture of solidarity and gratitude for the humanity that made it possible for his family to stay in Germany over 20 years ago.
Everything is possible!

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