About This Project

The band Sind was founded in 2013. Their debut EP, Best Of, was released in 2016, produced at Freudenhausstudio Berlin by Patrick Majer. A year later, the band produced their debut album, Irgendwas mit Liebe, in Vienna with Zebo Adam, known for working with Bilderbuch and Russkaja. The album was released in April 2018. In 2018, the band played around 50 concerts, including performances at Maifeld Derby, Kosmonaut Festival, Feel Festival, and Zelt Festival. In 2019, they performed at the Taubertal Festival before undergoing internal restructuring.

In 2020, their second album, Vielleicht ist es anders als Du denkst, was produced by Aaron Ahrends (Say Yes Dog, Von Wegen Lisbeth) at Studio 25 am Holzmarkt Berlin. In November 2020, Sind received the jury prize of the “Listen to Berlin Compilation” from the Berlin Music Commission. The award-winning single Karlshorst reached number 59 on Radio Eins’s Top 100 for 2020.

The band’s third album, Kino Kosmos, was released in April 2022. The singles Templin and Kino Kosmos reached numbers 11 and 31, respectively, on the Radio Eins listeners’ charts for 2022.

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Aaron Ahrends, Bilderbuch, Karlshorst, Kino Kosmos, Patrick Majer, Russkaja