About This Project

On March 19, 2021, Danish singer-songwriter Nikolaj Grandjean will release his new single “Heart of Stone”. It is the artist’s second single after “Seven Wild Horses” since his second studio album “Together”, which was released in 2014.

The music of his new EP is thematically characterized by adaptation, integration, and opposites. An honest and open documentation of Nikolaj Grandjean’s inner journey over the past 5 years.  The musician, who grew up in Copenhagen, grew up mainly with his mother and her partner. And even if he then, as now, maintains a very good relationship with his father, he probably owes his worldly and modern views partly to the situation in which he was raised. Thus his artistic work revolves, among other things, around the discrepancy between the similarities and differences inherent in human beings.

The title track “Heart Of Stone” deals with the search for love and the opposites one encounters in this search. Nikolaj presents the inner struggle to please the other person, come what may, and shows himself unusually vulnerable. To make himself suitable for the person of one’s own desire and to sacrifice himself for a love that is perhaps not set in stone. The underlying insecurity, which expresses itself in the question of whether one is enough, describes the self-confidence that we lack.

„In A City Of Cars” deals in a vulnerable way with not being able to escape and hold on to anger and negativity in a relationship where you can’t find compromise -.

The single “Heart Of Stone” will be released on 19.03.2021 on the label Embassy of Music.


Grandjean, Heart Of Stone