Newcomer Ellice Shines with Debut EP ‘extras’ and Announces 2025 Tour

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With her previous single releases, Berlin newcomer Ellice [pronounced: E-lies] has already proven her musical and vocal versatility, landing a viral hit with ‘ANGST>LIEBE’ (her second single release!).

Now, her fans can not only look forward to the release of her debut EP ‘extras’, named after one of the previously unreleased tracks on the EP, but also to her first solo tour in April/May 2025.

Perhaps Ellice currently feels a bit like she’s in Wonderland – even though, as she makes clear in the lyrics of the EP’s title track, her name isn’t Alice:

there’s an A on your extras
I start with E, are you stupid

With mentions in various Artist-To-Watch-2024 lists and over 10 live performances at festivals and events, this can only be her summer!

In ‘extras’, the 16-year-old captures moments, specific instances, and moods, transforming them into musical “vibe Polaroids” that clearly bear the signature of her generation, yet are so universal that other age groups can easily relate to them as well. In ‘extras’, everything comes together, which was already hinted at in her previous singles: Ellice impresses with the complete package of her confident yet playful look, her strong and delicate attitude, and self-written music that perfectly captures all these facets. This becomes evident when juxtaposing lines from her lyrics, which may seem contradictory but ultimately all belong to her reality and the emotional world of an emerging musician and a teenager at the same time:

ich sag‘ ich meld mich später, aber rufe nie an
dann sehen wir uns wieder und du frisst mir aus der hand
ja, vielleicht bin ich toxic, aber auch interessant 
babe, der teufel trägt prada und engel kommen da nicht ran. 
(Textstelle aus ‘AF1’)

will nur noch einmal wissen wie es war
dein geruch im sommerwind
immer wenn jemand so riecht wie du
strahl’ ich wie ein kleines kind
(Textstelle aus ‘extras’)