In her new single “Insecure,” The Voice winner Malou Lovis rolls the dice and is still unsure about her decisions as a mid-twenties young woman.

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With her first solo single release “Glacier Rivers,” The Voice of Germany 2023 winner Malou Lovis addressed her coming out as a queer person, making a strong statement against homophobia and queerphobia, something the artist wished she had seen on a TV show like this when she was younger. Now, her fans can look forward to new music from Malou, as on June 21, her indie-pop ballad “Insecure” will finally be released as her second single.

Malou’s soft, velvety, yet expressive voice effortlessly blends with the driving arpeggios of the piano in “Insecure,” carrying the song from the first note – only to break off abruptly at a melodic peak, giving way in the second half to an acoustic guitar, and eventually being complemented and replaced by epic drum interludes. Musically, the song was created in collaboration with Chris Noa and David Jürgens.

“Insecure” lyrically depicts the conflict of a mid-twenties individual who feels they should be celebrating their current life phase more than they actually are. It’s an age where, at least from the perspective of older generations, all doors are still open. A time when one is still very young, yet old enough to make their own decisions. But every decision also feels like a fundamental and life-defining one. And perhaps this is where the dilemma lies?