16-Year-Old The Voice Kids Germany 2023 Winner Emma Releases Her First Rap Single “Where Dreams Never Die”

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With “Where Dreams Never Die,” Emma not only demonstrates the incredible rap talent that led her to victory in the 11th season of The Voice Kids in 2023, but she also reveals her fantastic singing ability. Her impeccable attitude, which gives her rap a mix of assertiveness and coolness, allows for a laid-back fragility in the singing passages of the chorus. This combination takes listeners on a dreamy journey into the endless realms of imagination, accompanied by magically reverberating piano and violin sounds.

The contrast to the chorus is provided by the verses: Emma’s songwriting features imagery inspired by international fantasy films like “Alice in Wonderland” and “Willy Wonka.” Her rap performance, however, can be compared to the childlike, charming cheekiness of the “Mad Hatter” and the inspired, forceful delivery of a young Eminem. This comparison extends to the instrumentation of the verses, which are inspired by the hard drum beats, dark basses, and emotional guitars reminiscent of early 2000s works by her idol and author of her winning song “Lose Yourself.”

Emma’s stunning entry performance of “Mockingbird” on The Voice Kids was even commented on by the American superstar himself on TikTok. Her talent is evident in the numbers: her performance and studio version of “Mockingbird” currently have over 9 million streams on Spotify.

Emma on the song:
“The song is about a dream where anything is possible, where everything can happen, a world full of magic where you find yourself. You’re confused and can’t believe your eyes when you see all these crazy things. But you’re still the master of your dream and can control it in your own way. In a world without limits, a girl can create anything she wants through her creativity.”

With powerful girl power, she takes us into the world of her creativity: “Where Dreams Never Die” is Emma’s first own song after The Voice Kids. Enjoy listening and dreaming!

“Where Dreams Never Die” will be released on May 31, 2024 via Embassy of Music.