Ant Enoch is making waves on the Berlin music scene



Press Pic by: Maxwell Elvis Finch

Ant Enoch is making waves on the Berlin music scene, having recently signed to our label! We’re overjoyed to collaborate with him and can’t wait to witness the extraordinary melodies and stories he’ll unfold. Here’s to a harmonious partnership and the incredible music that lies ahead! 

Ant Enoch’s passion for music was ignited by Jeff Buckley, who served as the catalyst. Introduced to Buckley’s seminal alt-rock album ‘Grace’ at the tender age of four, Enoch found himself spellbound by the emotional depth conveyed through Buckley’s music.

His determination to create his own songs was fueled by this profound experience, which marked the beginning of his musical journey. Despite other influences, Buckley’s impact remains enduring. Enoch’s description emphasizes, “Spellbound by Buckley’s voice, I knew this was me for life.”

With a DIY spirit, Enoch taught himself to play the piano, later pursuing music studies in Sydney and Toronto. His presence in the music scene was solidified through a decade-long journey with Caravãna Sun, including international tours and festival performances.

Ant Enoch’s solo venture emerged organically from studio experimentation with friends. The project, shaped by a soft, introspective sound, combines elements of heartfelt bedroom pop and humble lo-fi. Listeners are invited into an intimate and honest conversation about life through his music, drawing inspiration from Buckley.

A captivating live show that embodies the sonic landscapes of his record is envisioned by Enoch. He anticipates a fusion of lights, electronic sweeps, intimate vocals, and heavenly strings, creating a truly immersive experience for the audience.

The upcoming debut EP, ‘Big Talk Big Party,’ by Ant Enoch, is set to be launched with the release of the first single, ‘Television,’ on January 19. This eagerly awaited project promises to be a melodic exploration of life’s emotional tapestry, offering a unique and resonant voice within the music landscape.

As an artist, Ant Enoch continues to evolve, and his journey from Jeff Buckley’s influence to his solo project paints a narrative of passion, resilience, and a commitment to authentic storytelling through music.