German-Paraguayan singer-songwriter Laura Brizuela  kisses toxic people goodbye on disco-tinged single ‘Right Cheek’

Having swiped left on superficial dating scene with her vibey anti-romance single ‘EMOJI’, German-Paraguayan songstress Laura Brizuela speaks her mind on her disco-tinged single ‘Right Cheek’ (out 15 September via Embassy of Music). She describes the single “as an empowering and easy-going anthem that explores the theme of self-acceptance and breaking free from the chains of people-pleasing.”

Brizuela goes on to explain the origin of the single. “Inspired by my personal journey of growth, the song celebrates the beauty of embracing one’s true self without the need to conform to others’ expectations. I have wanted to write a song about this topic for a long time, and the creation of “Right Cheek” came rather easily to me.”

“I was walking through my apartment and heard Matheo playing around with the accordion in the studio,” she remembers. “Suddenly the chorus melody came to my mind along with the lyrics and I just started singing it.“

‘Yeah you can kiss me on my right cheek / If you like me and if you don’t / That’s also cool with me’

“Right Cheek” beautifully captures the transformation from seeking validation to revelling in self-approval,” Brizuela explains. “Through the smooth vocals and catchy melody, the message resonates deeply with audiences, inspiring them to let go of societal expectations and dance to the beat of their own hearts.” For her, the new single “serves as a powerful reminder that embracing individuality and living authentically is the path to true happiness and fulfilment.”